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cos's Journal

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25 November 1970
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Where are you? pin your location on the map and add yourself to my frappr group.

I can usually be found on IRC, nick "cos", on EFnet, Undernet, and Dalnet. I have a second journal, cosmusic, where I post about bands, concerts and shows I'm going to or want to recommend. And I post links I think are interesting or amusing on coslinks - about 0-5 posts per day, almost all one-liners. No userpic, no commentary, just links, so they take up very little space on your friends page.

I'm also maintainer for polyboston, howard_dean, nervites (mostly dormant), wbrs, and centralsquare, and co-maintainer of davis_square.

Everyone is welcome to friend me and read my journal.

I usually don't friend people unless I know them in person (though I also don't unfriend people after in-person contact fades away). If you add me and I don't add you back, it's probably because either 1) we don't know each other well or in person, or 2) I can't tell who you are from your LJ userinfo. I won't spend much effort trying to figure out who you are, so if you want me to know, and your userinfo is enigmatic, tell me. Don't worry about it, though - I don't post anything interesting friends-only. My very rare friends-only posts are all of the "help, I need a ride to X tomorrow" sort.

You probably don't want to read my whole friends list. Way too many journals there. But even if you don't know any of them, you may want to read these.

My schools list includes two I didn't attend:
Burr School: I was a student teacher there in 1993, 5th & 6th grade (mixed)
Wellesley College: I half-lived there with my girlfriend, so socially I sort of attended, and would like people who were there at the same time to be able to find me this way.

I have other profiles scatterred all over the net:
Facebook, Going.com, Friendster, tribe.net, orkut, OkCupid, Flickr, YouTube, Gather, Vox, reddit, twitter, LinkedIn.
(Some of them require you to be logged in to see profiles, most don't)
aclu, alison brown, arisia, arrogant worms, avocados, baitcon, banjo, bay area, bdsm, bluegrass, bondage, books, boston, boukman eksperyans, buffy, cats, celosia, chucklehead, cities, club passim, college radio, community media, contra dancing, coolidge corner, cuddling, davis square, dissidenten, dresden dolls, e.t.a. hoffman, east africa, ecto, eddie from ohio, efnet, einstein's little homunculus, ensmb, erotica, falcon ridge, fela kuti, finland, finnish music, firesign theatre, flirting, folk festivals, folk music, francesca lia block, friends with benefits, goths, grassroots organizing, groovasaurus, haaretz, haitian music, happy rhodes, harvard square, head & leg, heathers, hebrew, history, honey, howard dean, iced tea, ietf, internet, invader zim, irc, israel, jim's big ego, kenya, kink, kissing, klezmer, kora, languages, larps, left bank operation, linguistics, live music, liz nickrenz, lois mcmaster bujold, lord of the rings, love, marlboro college, marx brothers, max headroom, meretz, meryn cadell, microphones, middle earth, middle east, mit, molly zenobia, moxy fruvous, music, negativland, neil gaiman, nethack, new england, new orleans, new york, nordic music, okcupid, pacifica, palestine, pan 9, perl, photography, platypus rex, play parties, politics, polyamory, pornography, quenya, radio, relationships, richard feynman, rippopotamus, road trips, sailing, santa cruz, science fiction, sex, sex parties, simon's rock, sindarin, solarfest, solaris, sound engineering, southeast asian food, sushi, tampopo, tcp/ip, the berkshires, the dark crystal, the nields, the story, tolkien, travel, trina hamlin, uganda, unix, varttina, vassar, veda hille, ville kangas, wbrs, wiffiti, william gibson, world music, xkcd, zap mama, zuba

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