Cos (cos) wrote,

Cape Air

Here's that NPR news piece from last week:
Google And Cape Air Launch New Reservation System (click "Listen Now")

... and a few other articles about it:

Cape Air simplifies reservations system [Cape Cod Times]:
    HYANNIS - At Cape Air's call center Wednesday, some new agents were in their first week on the job, and they'd already mastered the reservations system.

    Last week, that probably wouldn't have been possible.

    Cape Air has launched a new system company officials laud as more efficient and easier to use - for both staff and passengers.

Cape Air taps ITA for reservation system [Boston Globe]:
    The days of airline agents typing and typing to get their computers to spit out reservation information could be numbered if ITA Software's new airline reservation system takes off.

Cape Air's Reservation System Transition to ITA Was So Good, You Didn't Know It Even Happened [the Cranky Flier]:
    All the talk this week has been about United's massive reservation system transition, but that wasn't the only move of this type in the last couple weeks. Cape Air made the switch recently to a brand new airline reservation system made by none other than Google's ITA Software. While United's transition was bigger in scale, Cape Air's transition is potentially the most important of the two.

Some of the comments on the Cranky Flier post are worth reading, too.

[ Well, I did also spend about a week and a half of 12+ hour days on the United Continental cutover too, but that was as part of anaffected partner airline (Cape Air does a lot of Continental codeshares - now United - in the Caribbean) rather than directly. ]

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