Cos (cos) wrote,

DevOps Jesus

Sysadmin/hacker/geek-ish people: You may want to follow devops_jesus on twitter. Some of my favorites so far:
    I never ascended bodily to Heaven - 1st century Judeans didn't understand what "migrating to the Cloud" meant.

    The founder of Christianity abruptly quit the project so the documentation had to be written by a community of volunteers.

    For those who don't know, #php is the technology that the Sodom and Gomorrah Tourist Board's website was built in.

    Keep your teams small. I know from experience that even adding a twelfth member can destroy the dynamic.

    The best thing about being born of a virgin is not having to deal with your parents having had sex.
    The best thing about being a #devop is not having to deal with your colleagues having had sex.

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