Cos (cos) wrote,

Geek-ish job here in Cambridge

Any of you know someone who'd like a temporary full time job (now 'til March-ish, probably) here at ITA, a mix of running QA tests and analyzing logs and scripting/programming to help with these tasks, on airline software? We got some funding to hire someone to help with this stuff for a few months, and plan to get them started within a week, so we're gonna pick someone pretty quickly. Since this person is gonna be in a position to help me out with some scripts for my job, I'd love someone who can do perl, though that's not a requirement.

This isn't as high level a job as we were hiring for last year, since it's temporary and part QA / part QA support with some programming. Depending on the person we get, we'll use them a bit differently based on their skills, so someone with stronger programming or sysadmin type skills will get more of those kinds of tasks. Someone who's just graduated college could be good, as could a more experienced person who's unemployed and needs some income for a while (and if they're very good, this would put them in a good place for getting a regular job here next year).

Since we're gonna pick someone quickly, if you or anyone you know may be interested, get me a resume today (though if you don't get around to it 'til early next week that probably won't be too late).

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