Cos (cos) wrote,

November Surprise

[photo of crates with tomatoes]
After missing the Monday farmers market two weeks ago due to too much going on at work, and missing it again last week due to being on Maui (no regrets, since that very day I snacked on fresh mangoes and lilikoi falling from the trees around me), yesterday I went for the first time in three weeks.

Usually, by this time of year, the tomato variety has dwindled from 10+ separate labelled bins, sorted by variety, to one or two bins of assorted remainders, no longer labelled. Last time I went, there were still plenty of varieties in their own bins, but I knew that wouldn't be the case this time.

Indeed, there were only two crates of heirloom tomatoes...

... one of them full of black prince tomatoes! No labels, as I've come to expect this late in the season, but that crate on the right is very clearly all black prince. This is my favorite tomato, and it's a sort that I've never before seen later than September at this market. More than a month ago I had already eaten what I thought would be my last black prince 'til August 2012, and said goodbye.

Now I have a bagful of them.

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