Cos (cos) wrote,

Tomato review: mushroom basket

[photo: mushroom basket tomato]

Mushroom basket is solid red with a really funny shaped, with kind of a point at the bottom and folds running up the sides. Maybe they named it because it looks kind of like a basket?

It turns out to be the weakest flavor tomato I've ever tried, but has a very nice texture. Almost like the tofu of tomatoes: you add what you want and it takes on the flavor.

I put some chunks in a pita with a bit of tahini on it, and the tahini soaked in; the flavor combination was really nice, as long as I didn't use too much tahini. I bet it'd work well with soy sauce (very small amount), or baba ganoush. Good on toast with salt and pepper on it.

Not quite fair to call it "tofu", though, becase it does have a noticeable tomato flavor - it's just very mild and easily overpowered.

It's also the softest tomato I've ever met. I tried to pick one of the firmer ones from the crate at the farm stand, but it still got bruised soft spots just from being carried home in a loose bag with some other tomatoes. I bet it would not last more than a week even in the fridge without starting to get too soft, and it's so fragile!

They only had it at the market last week, and I didn't see it again this week. I don't remember seeing it before, either. Perhaps it has a very short season.

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