Cos (cos) wrote,

Nields tonight, and May shows...

The last of those April shows I posted about is tonight: The Nields at Club Passim. I got back two days late from my recent roadtrip so I haven't had a chance to do any more planning, other than having gotten tickets for me and estheruth for this show back when I first posted that, but I see that it's not sold out yet!

Some shows coming up in May that I may go to...
  • Wed, May 4th: Copal! They moved to New York a couple of years ago so we don't see them here as much. On Wednesday they're doing a show with Delhi2Dublin at the Middle East upstairs. (Facebook event)

  • Sun, May 8th, 8pm: Axe To Ice presents Sloppy Seconds. This is a Karin & Jill burlesque theatre performance, like Bent Wit Cabaret and All The King's Men.

  • Wed, May 11th, 8pm: Jim's Big Ego at Johnny D's

  • Thu, May 12th, 9pm: t r e e h a u s: SchoolTree CD release show at Precinct, featuring Mary Dolan, Molly Zenobia, Karin Webb, and others.

  • Sat, May 14th, 8pm: Jason Webley and Humanwine at Cafe 939 @ Berklee - this show will sell out, I'm sure, so I'm getting tickets now.

  • Fri, May 20th, 8pm: Banjo master Tony Trischka with one of his bands, Hot Mustard, at Club Passim

Note: I posted this by email earlier and it didn't come through, so I'm re-posting by web interface. Chances are the email post will eventually show up, who knows when, as a duplicate. Ignore the duplicate; I'll delete it when I see it.

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