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Valerie cello triple feature

Molly Zenobia w/Val on cello, opening for ENSMB @ Amazing Things
Oddly, I realize I've never posted much about my awesome housemates on my main LJ, though they're such a big part of my life, and I promote their music a lot in other places. Both of them are people I originally met through liking their music, before we lived together, and each of them has her own band and also performs with others, in a web of interconnected musicians and bands - several of whom live a few houses away - that forms a community. Several others are often here at the house, for rehearsals or to record things or just to hang out. Especially we seem to have lots of pianists and string players around. I love this community, and I love hearing so much music in the house.

What prods me to post about it now is tomorrow's show at Club Passim, where you can see both my housemates' bands, and one of our friends' who's often here, and I want you to come!

Molly Zenobia's first CD arrived at WBRS, where I was music director, in the spring of 2000, and I filled out the reply card inviting her to come perform there. We've been friends ever since she did so, at the end of that summer. Molly's music is emotional tending between folky, rock-y (but somehow, never folk-rock-y), jazzy, and ambient; some of it reminds me of Veda Hille's "bigger"-sounding pieces. Other people often mention Tori Amos, but I think that's may be because they have limited experience with music like Molly's and Tori is the first intense female vocals + piano thing that comes to mind. Tori has great lyrics, but I think that musically Molly overshadows her beyond comparison. And Molly's far more varied.

Goli w/guests, at Cloud Club

Playing cello in Molly's band is our other housemate, Valerie Thompson. She's got her own band, Goli, with her friend Vessela on electronic marimba (and occasional melodica). Their music is unlike anything I've heard from anyone else; they call it "chamber music for the modern age". Valerie writes (and sings) quirky, charming, somewhat folky songs. They play some cello/marimba instrumentals, tangos and Balkan tunes and other things... just watch some videos!

Here's Molly Zenobia from a 2009 show at the Lily Pad,
And here's Goli entertaining children at Quincy Market, and a celtic tune from that same afternoon.

One of our friends who is often at the house to collaborate with them is Mary Bichner, a synasthetic musical genius-girl with multi-octave vocal range, who calls any band or project she puts together to play her own songs "Box Five". She put together tomorrow's concert, where the Boston core of Box Five will do a set partly designed to celebrate Mozart's birthday. Mary has rearranged a few Mozart songs for them to perform, and one of her guests will be soprano Evangelia Sophia Lorentis to join them on some arias.

Box Five's core Boston band has Mary on vocals, piano, and guitar, along with Valerie on cello, Ariel Bernstein on drums, Kristen Ford on bass, and violinist Eliza Kopczynska - who has performed with a orchestras and chamber ensembles and, among others, Wynton Marsalis and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Oh, and she's also in Molly Zenobia's band.

Goli at Arisia 2010

You might've noticed that Valerie is in all three bands, which makes it a Valerie cello triple feature.


Edit: You can watch the show live online, at this link.
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