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Delicious to (not?) Die

When it comes to services I rely on on the web, Wikipedia and Google websearch are in their own special class. But the second tier - the one that has LiveJournal and Google Maps and Facebook - probably starts for me with

And now Yahoo intends to shut it down.

I've been relying on delicious for a long time. I thought it was a bad omen when Yahoo bought it in 2005, because Yahoo is a sloppy, slimy, user-hostile dreck of a company and I feared they were going to Yahooize it, so I've been pleasantly surprised to see it remain unmolested. And they even let the delicious team continue to add great features, such as tag intersection - which is what really made delicious so important to me.

Wanna see what links I've saved about research on education?
Videos of Goli performances?
The videos I posted from their gig at Cafe 939?

When I post a public post on any blog - here on LiveJournal, or elsewhere - I post that link to delicious and tag it "cospost". Since delicious makes every single tag or user+tag combination available as an RSS feed, you can get an RSS feed of my "meta-blog" - all the public blog posts I make anywhere:

Delicious also lets you see how many people have posted a particular link, what they've all tagged it with, what links or tags are currently popular... find people whose links you like and follow what they post, or search for links by tags that anyone has tagged them with. What links have people recently been posting about Boston restaurants? Huh, there's someone who uses the tag "sustainable" a lot - let's follow their links.

Ben Winkler, a campaign director at Avaaz (similar to MoveOn but international and not focused on the US), started an online petition to Yahoo to save delicious. He's using, which watches twitter for re-posts of a petition's link and counts how many accounts have posted it, so to "sign" the petition, you post the link to twitter; or you can just retweet mine.

I don't expect Yahoo to keep running delicious, and apparently they've already laid off the people who were working on it. But the online buzz is already getting some press coverage, and the more online buzz and the more press coverage, the greater the likelihood that a) Yahoo will be willing to sell it or give it away, and b) someone else will be interested in buying it or taking it on. This petition started yesterday and already has over 3900 votes (by the time you read this, it'll probably be over 4000).

Please post/retweet that petition on twitter if you have twitter? And post links to this LJ post where you think it useful.

P.S. The very first petition ever was actually by me, calling on Obama to suspend Don't Ask Don't Tell ( was launched in 2009). I only got 164 votes.

P.P.S. And yes, as soon as I posted this, I also posted the link to my delicious, with tags.

Edit: Yahoo responded. They are thinking about how to spin off delicious, so it can live on outside Yahoo. [ more info ]
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