Cos (cos) wrote,

US Senate - the anti-incumbency state

There's a state in the US where, since the 1960s, only one US Senator has been re-elected. He got re-elected several times, and was quite notorious in his day, so you might've heard of him, but he's been gone for a while now*. Do you know which state (and which Senator they did re-elect)?

Or, do you have a guess? If so, leave a comment before you Google or read other comments, I'm curious.

* edit: "a while" means more than just a couple of years :) Long enough that we already know his successor served only one term.

Edit2: To clarify, that one Senator they re-elected a few times was the exception - this state's pattern has been to not re-elect Senators. From 1970 - present, no Senator in this state except that one exception, has been elected more than once (or elected even once, if they were already serving due to being first elected before 1970).
Tags: politics
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