Cos (cos) wrote,

Why do I have this?

This summer I've been slowly unpacking some of my oldest boxes, ones that have gone with me through several moves, and contain stuff from the 90s. Early 90s, in a few cases, as chanaleh has already heard :) Today, inside one of them, I found a small long narrow cardboard box, and inside it, a wooden judge-style gavel. On the decorative metal circling the center of the head is written "In Personal Appreciation of Your Support", followed by an etching of the handwritten signature of Newt Gingrich.

What is this doing in a box full of stuff that is recognizably mine?

P.S. Also in this box: Finnish currency. Which means I packed it no earlier than 2002. Probably when I moved from Somerville to the Hawkes' house in 2003.
Tags: other, travel

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