Cos (cos) wrote,

Giant Robot Dance

Michael's been part of our camp at Falcon Ridge for years, and we were excited this year that his contra dance band, Giant Robot Dance, was going to perform there for the first time. What I didn't realize was that that they were stars, apparently one of the newly-hottest contra dance bands around. I don't think they quite realized it either.
  • I mentioned the robots to the girl I gave a ride to Falcon Ridge to, and she told me the people she was camping with had also been telling her about them.

  • At one of the dances they played, I danced with a friend who'd never been to Falcon Ridge before. I had no idea she'd heard of giant robot, but it turns out they were the reason she decided to go to the festival.

  • Walking through the campground, I heard a group of people I didn't know discussing how awesome this band is.

  • In the shower line I was standing next to a guy who dances at Concord, and the girl behind us was also a contra dancer, so we started talking about it, and just as I was pulled away from the line by my campmates for birthday cake (our camp is very close to the showers) they all started extolling Giant Robot Dance. Amusingly unaware that half the band was sitting a few yards away :)

Sunday, during their last set of dances, I sat one out so I could get a video:

(Note: at about 1:30 in, video switches to a vantage point where you can see the band clearly, and both trombones are playing)

... and also the waltz they closed their final set with:

I don't have a video of the dance they played Smells Like Teen Spirit, or the Lady Gaga contra dance tune... because I danced those :)
Tags: frff, music, videos

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