Cos (cos) wrote,

Kendall Sq around noon tomorrow?

I'm planning to drop by Representative Capuano's office near the Galleria tomorrow at lunch, bringing a copy of MoveOn's new pledge to ask him to sign on. The pledge has three points:
  • Support a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Citizens' United ruling that corporations have the same rights as people*.

  • Public financing for political campaigns.

  • Lobbying reform.

I'm also planning to bring along a copy of these polling results from People For the American Away to reinforce the pledge.

Wanna join me? It'd be nice to have a couple of other people along.

* Actually, that idea has been treated as precedent for over a century, but the pledge states it in terms of overturning the CU decision, and I think that's okay - the goal is the same.

Tags: politics

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