Cos (cos) wrote,

I got a letter...

I got a letter, from the Netherlands.

It is addressed to "POLYMORY c/o Sir Ofen Inber" and then my street address.

A handwritten letter from a guy who says he lives in the Netherlands, heard something about polymory (it's consistently spelled that way), wants to know more, will I please tell him about it? And do I know of any poly groups ("like-minded organisation of polymory") in the Netherlands, and what their postal address is.

I'm almost sure he got my name and address from the domain registration of (although I did spell my name correctly in the domain registration), but he sent a postal letter and says he doesn't have email, and the only contact information is his postal address. Knowing myself and my weird mental block about sending postal letters, I wouldn't be surprised if I never reply, or take a year or more to do so, but ... it's strange and out of the blue enough that I might get through that and send something soonish. If I knew what to say.

Ummm, what do you think I should reply with?
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