Cos (cos) wrote,

Jan 31, 2007 - the 3rd Aniversary

Sunday was the 3rd aniversary of the largest terrorist attack in Boston in our lifetimes.

Okay, the terrorists were cartoon characters, and the attack was a fantastical illusion in the minds of the authorities, but it shut down buildings and highways, struck fear in possibly millions of people and hysteria in the media for a while, and Boston hasn't seen a real terrorist attack to top it yet.

My reactions on that day included incredulous hysterical laughter, and mounting annoyance and dismay which, over the next few days, turned more and more into anger at the city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts (and in particular, Mayor Menino and Attorney General Martha Coakley). A week after the craziness, I put my thoughts together and posted this:

What Does Random Panic Protect Us From?

Some of you probably read that back then, or when I re-posed the link on the first aniversary. If you missed it, or if you don't remember, please re-read it... and send a copy to your representatives? Because we're still overreacting to "terrorism" in absurd and nutty ways, and many people in government do it because they assume that all of us expect and demand it, and that if they don't do it they'll lose our support.
Tags: politics

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