Cos (cos) wrote,

Haiti CrisisCamp Boston tomorrow

From CNN, about last weekend's CrisisCamps:
    (CNN) -- A weekend meeting of technology pros looking to help victims of the Haiti earthquake yielded some ready-to-roll projects and a few more nearing completion. Perhaps more important, participants say, the gathering produced a framework that could keep aiding disaster-relief efforts in the months and years to come.
    Results included a digital map to help relief groups in Haiti coordinate their efforts and applications for the iPhone and other smartphones, including a Creole-to-English dictionary.

There's going to be a CrisisCamp Boston here at ITA (by One Kendall Square) this Saturday (tomorrow) 9am-4pm. The wiki page has info, including a list of projects this camp plans to work on.

... and on that subject, here's a useful new tech tool for disaster response that you can help with from home with no technical skills: - it asks you to look at photos and see if the people match, to help locate missing people.
Tags: geek, tech

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