Cos (cos) wrote,

Quote of the night

The lead singer puts on a black leather jacket, picks up a strapless guitar ("anyone got a strap-on?" he asks), pulls over a chair, puts his leg up on it and rests the guitar on his thigh.
    I wrote this song when I was living at the Chelsea Hotel with my buddy Robert Mapplethorpe

    We'd just formed a queer poet punk band, called Pink Narcissus

    The band was soon to disappear into air,
    but the song remained
    and reappeared on the bee-stung lips of Michelle Pfeiffer.

    This song is for people who thinks cock tastes sweeter on the wrong side of the tracks.

Then he and the band (drums, piano, upright bass) launch into a cover of Cool Rider from Grease 2.
Tags: music

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