Cos (cos) wrote,

Ravens in the Library

Near the end of Arisia last weekend, I ran into shadesong and ktpinto in the "Hot Chicks with Books" room on dealer row, and somehow the topic of urban fantasy came up. I asked ktpinto if she'd read anything by one of my favorites in that genre, Holly Black (thanks, mzrowan, for introducing me to those books!). K had not heard of Holly, but shadesong piped in to say that she and Holly Black were going to appear in the same anthology soon, and handed me a flyer about Ravens in the Library.

There's here name, on the same list as Holly Black's - that was enough to make me want to buy it. But look! Featuring Tales by: Neil Gaiman! Charles de Lint. Francesca Lia Block!

It's a limited run, to raise funds to pay off s00j's medical bills (she's also got story in the book), and they will only sell enough copies to cover those expenses. If you want a copy of this book, preorder it now.
Tags: books, friends

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