Cos (cos) wrote,

forgot something?

Either St. Louis' airport is the nicest, most helpful airport I've been to in years, or it's got the stupidest portion of the travelling public of any airport I've been to in years. During a 40 minute layover yesterday, I heard a number of announcements following this general format on the airport PA:
    If you just went through the security checkpoint and left a [type of object], please return to the security checkpoint to claim it.
Types of objects named included, most memorably:

- "a musical instrument"

- "a laptop computer"

Does every aiport have such a high rate of people leaving big expensive things at the security checkpoints, and they don't announce it on the PA? Or is St. Louis just weird?

Minneapolis topped it all, though. Not the airport, the city. From the airport I got on the light rail, and partway to downtown, I heard this announcement on the light rail PA:
    "For the woman who lost a gentleman... we are making announcements on all the trains and we will let you know if we locate him."
(paraphrased from memory; unlike St. Louis, I did not get to hear this one repeated several times.)

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