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Criss Cross Circus is Coming

You've heard of people who grew up and ran off to join the circus.

My friend Jacob just graduated college, and the circus ran off with him!

folzgold, shadowofrain, and a bunch of their Hampshire friends formed a circus, put together a show, got a big blue school bus, had it converted to run on vegetable oil, and set off to tour the country for the next month.
[bendy frick]
    We are in dark times...

    Dependence on oil and unchecked consumerism has driven us past the brink of environmental collapse. Civilization as we know it has ended.

    What remains is a troupe of 11 performers touring the territory originally known as the United States. Traveling from city to fallen city, we are gathering a community of survivors in our effort to rebuild a sustainable society.

    This post-apocalyptic landscape is the backdrop for the Criss Cross Circus summer tour. These 11 college students are driving from east to west in a colorful, rusted old school bus that runs on used vegetable oil.

    While the setting is tragic, it is with the humor and magic of circus that we hope to entertain and educate audiences across America.

[molly, tara, jacob]
They began the tour with a show here in Cambridge on Thursday night, and their second show is tonight in Chicago. You can follow along on their blog, and their flickr photos, but of course the best experience is seeing them in person! I loved the Cambridge show, and they'll only get better as they see how things go with real audiences.
Tour Itinerary...
  • Sat, May 24th: Accountants of Homeland Security variety show (with comedy and improv), Conservatory Theater, Chicago, IL, 11pm

  • Sun, May 25: University of Chicago, Social Sciences Quad, Chicago, IL, 4:30pm

  • May 26, 27, 28: Do you know anywhere they could perform in Madison or Minneapolis/St. Paul or places en route? Write them at

  • Thu, May 29: Rochester, MN, 12:00 noon & 5:00pm

  • [criss cross musicians]
  • May 30: Do you know somewhere they could perform in, say, Des Moines or Cedar Rapids?

  • Sat, May 31: CAMP, St. Louis, MO, 7:30pm

  • May 30 - June 2: St. Louis

  • June 4-7: Denver/Boulder, CO

  • June 9-12: San Francisco, CA

  • ... know of an opportunity for them to perform in Eugene or Portland?

  • June 14-18: Seattle, WA

Dates subject to change. Especially if you can find a good show opportunity for them on this route :)
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