Cos (cos) wrote,


I'm on Capri for the Inbar family "reunion". I put that in quotes because there's never been one before, so it's not really a "re"-union, especially since my generation keeps growing and growing due to divorces and remarriages - I've acquired a bunch of non-blood-related cousins, for example. Also it's not really a "re"-union when there are several people here I'd never met before :)

We're here for the week, then most of my family are returning home and I will meet magickalpony in Sorrento and spend another week on the mainland, and return on May 3rd. If you're my friend on Facebook, follow my profile for occasional photos and videos this week from Capri (I don't know how much net access I'll have next week). If not, I'll post a bunch of links to the photos here on LJ after I get home.

In the meantime, here's the video I posted last night, my cablecar ride from the ferry port below Capri town up the cliffs to the town:


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