Cos (cos) wrote,

Tango Tango Tango

I saw seventorches in person for the first time in this decade, and soon afterwards, she was married. The wedding ceremony lived up to the promise set by their fabulous invitation: the ceremony was a silent movie, with a young couple saving the world from an evil train conductor. Instead of talking, they had accomplices with overhead projectors and transparencies featuring silent-movie style dialogue. Until they defeated the evildoer, tied him to the train tracks, and got all their voices back.

A few days before the wedding, I declined to join tornadogrrrl for a tango class, but tango didn't get the message, and chased me all the way to Eugene: the wedding was held at the Tango Center and there was a tango class after the ceremony, which I got to watch from mere feet away. On my drive to the Oregon Coast Aquarium the following day, I was listening to KLCC and heard a song in Spanish in a very familiar voice... and the way her voice moved from sound to sound... Sonia did a song in Spanish? Yes, sure enough, it was a track from Sonia/disappear fear's new 4-language album Tango.

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