Cos (cos) wrote,

A tale of two kittens

[click for kitten photos]
I hung out with dreams_of_wings and aatish's new kitten, de la sprog, last weekend when they were in Chicago. He was quite the people-starved kitty! As soon as you enter the house, he starts mewing from behind his door over and over until you enter the room. Then he's perfectly happy to climb the human and play with the human and *purr*purr*purr* for hours... as soon as you leave he room and close the door with him behind it, the mewing starts.

At home in my room is a kitten. When he's not sleeping, he's skittering across the room, doing battle with shoes, errant pieces of paper, or heck, even the floor. He notices me with startlement, and even purrs if I pet him, but pretty soon there's a blanket that desperately needs to be pounced on. I'm only interesting for extended periods if, say, I have a shoe that needs untying (something he's glad to do for me if I let him).

You may recall that we found three kittens and moved them into my room. uberjay and jojotbird adopted his siblings, so now I have just one. Shortly before they took them, I took some more photos and videos of them living in my room. Watch as they discover paper on the floor, or the cat carrier door.

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