Cos (cos) wrote,

this weekend

Sat 12-8: Boston Pride Festival
Sat afternoon/evening: friends' pool party
Sat night: big party co-hosted by one of my best friends
Sun 2-7: massage party (cancelled)
Sun 4:30-10: a friend's wedding in Danvers
Fri-Sun: Arisia Relaxacon
Fri-Sat: My uncle Avi is visiting from Israel
Sat-Sun: DemocracyFest 2007 in Manchester

I will have dinner with family & Avi this evening, go to most of demfest (which I paid $150 to register for), the big party on Saturday night (arriving late), and hopefully the wedding. I'll miss Pride, the pool party, and the Relaxacon. I won't miss the massage party 'cause it got cancelled, whee!

What else am I missing this weekend? :)

Edit: I forgot to include the visitor from another continent!

Edit2: Oh yeah, I'm also missing the Bats in the Belfry 10th anniversary concert Saturday night, and a Brandeis reunion.

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