Cos (cos) wrote,

Emperor Norton / Wake Up the Earth photos

[ENSMB at Wake Up the Earth]

I posted a bunch of photos from Wake Up the Earth, including several of Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band, aerial performances by clara_girl and frobzwiththingz and klingonlandlady, other bands, dancers and people and booths and kids and stages and murals and stuff. Also posted on facebook, and I'll upload them to my flickr account bit by bit too.

Soon: Photos from Somerville Open Studios. I got a few on Saturday but mean to get more on Sunday.

Thanks mzrowan for lending me a digital camera!

Edit: If you've never visited before, sorry about the yellow bubbles! Each one only shows up once, and you can make them go away (no login required). I'm gonna try to get them to make that not happen anymore.</em>


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