Cos (cos) wrote,

friending binge

Last June, near the beginning of the roadtrip, I reached LiveJournal's 750 friend limit. I had to start removing LJ's to friend new ones. Every few months I'd remove a bunch, and add a bunch I'd been waiting to add, and be at 750 again. But earlier this month, LiveJournal changed the limit to 2,000 (or 1,000 for unpaid accounts). Yay!

For the past couple of weeks I've been on a friending binge, adding a few new LJs every few days from my list of people I wanted to add but hadn't gotten around to making space for yet. Now at 763, but I'm not quite done yet...

P.S. I've been using LJ's classic "Dystopia" style ever since I recoiled with loathing at their first redesign in 2003, but I just switched to their newest style, Vertigo, and I really like it. Try it.

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