Cos (cos) wrote,

participate in my usability testing? (Boston)

I'm running some usability testing for a Boston based web startup I work for part time, HeyLetsGo. I kept bugging them to do usability testing when they redesign the site, they're redesigning the site, and they asked me to do the tests :)

Would you like to come in for a usability test? You'd come to our office at Downtown Crossing, sit at a computer, and do some simple things that people do with the site (like sign up for an account and fill out a basic profile, or search for an event). I'd give you the list of things to do, and talk to you about each one to find out what was clear or confusing about how our site works, what made you pause and think, what could be better, etc. It'd take 60-80 minutes and we'd pay you $25.

We're looking for women in their 20s who use the Internet socially and like to go out to clubs, shows, comedy, concerts, etc. in metro Boston, and who do not yet use HeyLetsGo. Oh, and right now, I want to find at least one person who can come in this Friday during the day, and one who can come in on Monday either during the day or early evening.

Wanna do it? (comment here or email me)

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