Cos (cos) wrote,

Arisia, and some concerts coming soon after

1. Arisia: I'm going, of course. This will be my 12th in a row. For almost the first time, I'll be a panelist this year (I was on 2/3 of a poly panel two years ago). My definite plans for con programming so far (bold for the ones I'm on):
  • Friday, 7pm: "Why LiveJournal" - I'm not on it, but I wrote the panel suggestion & description
  • Friday, 9pm: "The Annihilation of Distance"
  • Friday, 10pm: polyamory coming out / explaining polyamory panel
  • Saturday, 10am: superfinemind's dagger demo (if I wake up in time)
  • Saturday, 2pm: "LiveJournal and your Social Life" (I'm moderating)
  • Saturday, 3pm: LiveJournal meet & greet
  • [edit] Saturday, 4pm: tisana's bellydance thing, perhaps?

2. Concerts: Two of my favorite bands from other places have shows coming up around here over the next month.
  • Friday, January 19th: Värttinä: 10+ piece Finnish folk band

  • Thursday, February 8th: Dry Branch Fire Squad: an all-star bluegrass band with a witty & hilarious storytelling frontman
Follow the links for my posts about both of them on cosmusic - the posts include sound clips, if you wanna know what either band sounds like.

Wanna come?

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