Cos (cos) wrote,

bits of my trip in other people's journals

I don't chronicle my life in my journal, but sometimes other people chronicle bits of my life in theirs.
[I keep track of some of these here, although sometimes I add posts to that list because they described an event I was at and talked about people I know but didn't mention me, or because I posted a comment that had to do with something from my life, so they won't all seem relevant.]

I spent last week on the road with my friend tie (listgirl), traipsing about the South. LJ has gotten so popular now, that most of the people we visited have journals here. Some of them posted about us, some didn't. First we stopped in North Carolina and visited Ben and akiko:

Then we spent two days in Atlanta, GA, but Michele doesn't use the Internet at all.

Next came the most well-LJ-documented portion of the trip, visiting lalenalefay in Nashville. I didn't know she had returned to Nashville until after leaving home, and neglected to bring her Nashville phone number with me on the trip, and didn't have net access in Atlanta, so I called a friend who used LJ to get us in contact:

Success! Our Nashville visit:

The night before picking up tie to head south, I drove partway to her place, and stayed with beautifultoxin, and hung out with autumnlaughing, but they didn't post about it. On our way back north we also stopped in DC and stayed with entirelysonja, and saw several other people, including geminigirl, but none of them posted about it either. After dropping tie off on Friday night, I went to eeblet's for the night, but she only made a fleeting reference to that, the day before.

Finally, I went up to NH for the weekend, to see Esther, who does not have a livejournal either. However, y'all should trek up to Wolfeboro NH before the end of the month to see her photography on display at The Libby Museum, along with her mother's sculptures. The show is up until September 1st, I think.

[tie didn't have a livejournal yet, when we went on this trip, so she didn't post it about it.]

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