Cos (cos) wrote,

Carolyn chronicles Cos' cross country cruising

While I drive, or blog on John Bonifaz's site or MyDD, or work on Wiffiti, sometimes she writes long LJ posts about our travels...

Stories From the Road, Part the First - Boston -> Philly (deeahblita, ambrosiaoferis)
Stories From the Road, Part the Second - Philly -> Pittsburgh (ambrosiaoferis, blk)
Stories From the Road, Part the Third - Michigan (C's grandparents, tafkats)
Stories From the Road: The Kindness of Strangers - Chicago (aatish, amadea)
Stories From the Road: Mysterious Charms of the Midwest - Chicago, Madison (subjunctus, eirias)
Stories From the Road: The People You Meet Along the Way - Chicago -> Nebraska (japlady, subjunctus, eirias)
Stories From the Road: Are We There Yet? - Nebraska -> Colorado

I'm leaving Colorado early Thursday morning. Today and tomorrow, I'm going to visit one of my favorite cities and see bike4fish and fireworks from the mountains and my friend Liza (formerly of Zuba). If C posts again about these few days in Colorado, I'll edit here to add the link. After that, I think my trip will be much less chronicled :)

I have several new people to add to my friendslist but I seem to have hit the 750 friends wall earlier on this trip, and will have to do some pruning before I can add anyone.

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