Cos (cos) wrote,

Wiffiti me!

I've got my own Wiffiti screen for my travels. It's running on my laptop, so it's off when I'm actually using it (unless I can figure out a way to keep the network connection alive when I switch users on OS X - anyone know how?), but most of the rest of the time I'll leave it up (in the backseat, at whoever's house I'm staying at, ...)

Text my Wiffiti screen by texting to 87884 with C7 followed by a space at the beginning of your message.

Update: I mostly solved the network problem, but not entirely. In the meantime, here's a photo taken at ambrosiaoferis's apartment, showing the first message someone other than me texted to my Wiffiti display:
[Powerbook showing Wiffiti display]
(That's dreams_of_wings in the background)

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