Cos (cos) wrote,


You probably know already, but just in case: Today is primary day.

I'd direct the same comment to Montanans but I think the only one who read my LJ moved to Seattle.
(But I wish Jon Tester the best of luck in his primary for US Senate.)

For Californians, I'd like to strongly recommend Deborah Bowen for Secretary of State. She's the only elected official in California who challenged the certification of the Diebold touchscreen voting machines, she authored the California Senate Bill mandating a voter verified paper trail, the grassroots groups in California I pay attention to all say she listens to them, and she's been endorsed by DFA. Apparently polls show her in a dead heat with her opponent in the primary, so it might be very close.

[ Update: Victory! Both of the grassroots-supported candidates I mentioned won. Jon Tester and Debra Bowen both started far behind their primary opponents in the polls (20 points or more), but reached to almost even in the week before the election, and both won with over 60% of the vote while their opponents were in the high 30's. Tester is now the Democratic nominee for US Senate in Montana, and Bowen is now the Democratic nominee for Secretary of State in California. I think both of them will win their general elections in November, and that this Tuesday's decision was the truly important one for both of those offices. ]

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