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Now that Rowan has a house, I can move! The new place is just a block and a half behind the Harvest coop in Central Square, and it's big and pretty.

Big enough, in fact, that I can have all my stuff in one place again! Currently, I have my day to day living stuff here at aerynne's condo in Cambridge, about half the rest in boxes in hawkegirl's garage in Waltham, the overflow of boxes in a PODS storage unit on Bob Antia's property in Lincoln, a few larger items (such as my kitchen table, which will fit in this kitchen!) in Something Something's basement in Somerville, and several bookcases full of books at estheruth's in Malden. eep!

I already had plans for all the weekends in June long before I knew I'd want to move in June, so I'll probably do it on weekdays. I think the main part will take two days:
  1. Rent a truck, and get everything from Waltham and Lincoln over, probably in two trips, but maybe it'll be possible to do it all in one three-leg trip.
  2. A day or two later, or maybe a week later, move my living space, probably by car. It's only 6 blocks, and I remember from past experience that it only takes about 5 or 6 carloads. Err, or maybe a couple of those have to be vanloads - anyone got a van to lend? It'd suck to try to squeeze a moving truck around these narrow streets and I think it's avoidable for this step.
I'm aiming for June 14, 15, 16 (Wed-Fri). Anyone want to help? Are those dates good? I have the 18th-21st unscheduled too.
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