Cos (cos) wrote,

Internet at 80mph

Last night, dahling drove me to Rensselaer. As usual, I had my laptop and cell phone to get it online. I'm not used to being the passenger on a long car ride, but I actually got work done on the mass pike! Until my battery ran low and I shut down.

Today, 6 people in a van, heading to Rochester... and they have a car AC adapter. It plugs into the cigarette lighter, and I plug my laptop into it and charge. But this time, I'm not the only one with a laptop out, so someone asks the question: "Can you let us connect to the Internet through your wireless?"

Well, yes, it turns out I can. So now three of us are online, and of course, all posting to LJ. I'm even broadcasting the SSID, so a car keeping pace with us could get on my network too. "This would be useful for a convoy" says beowabbit :)
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