Cos (cos) wrote,

my profile

Over the past several months I almost completely overhauled my OkCupid profile. I partly rewrote the intro in the late fall, over the winter I wrote a new and much longer books/movies/music/food section, last month I mostly rewrote "message me if", I gradually updated "what I'm doing with my life", and today I added a new, long, answer to "I spend a lot of time thinking about". Now it's one of the longest profiles I've seen on OkCupid. So if you're curious about me, there's a lot of new reading to possibly entertain you :)

1st non-sequitur: Know any New York people who might want a part time job as a Wiffiti text jockey?
2nd non-sequitur: Boston area people, come see Molly Zenobia's house concert on Friday night!!
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