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reading comprehension

I'm selling a Sun D1000 RAID, and posted it on craigslist. One of the people who responded wanted to come take a look at it today, and suggested he might be able to stop by Cambridge on his way home from work. The following email exchange ensued, presented mostly without comment (his emails in italics):
    Anyway my schedule indicates I have time to see the D1000 after 5:30 PM.

    Okay, sounds good. It turns out I will be home until about 7pm today,
    so if you come here after 5:30 that should work.

    I'll come have a look at the array at 7:00 PM. [...] I'll see you at 7:00 PM.

    I may be heading out at 7, will you get here right at 7 or a little before?

    do you get out of work earlier any other day? I prefer around 5:30 because at 7:00 PM is dinner time for me. do expect to get out of work earlier any other day of this week?

    I don't have a 9-5 office job. Like I said earlier, "I will be home until about 7pm today, so if you come here after 5:30 that should work."

    okay, I'll come around that time. I'll call when I am at Hampshire st. see you later.
At that point, it was 5:20pm, and I figured he was about to leave work, so I went and did other things. When do you expect he called?

Yup. 7:15pm.

I responded with, "I'm sorry, I said I'd be home until 7pm and then I'm leaving", and he apologized for having misunderstood my emails.

P.S. My new favorite fortune cookie message, received tonight at Mary Chung:
"You Are Not Illiterate"

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