Cos (cos) wrote,

Crash space at the Flea?

I hadn't planned on going to the winter Flea, and I still don't really plan to. One of the reasons is that I'm working for / volunteering for Claire Naughton's campaign for state rep, and her special election is February 7th - just about 10 days after the flea. So I feel like I should really be in the district that weekend, helping out.

However, as I discovered shortly before Arisia, this year's flea happens to also be in the district! (or, at least, a few blocks away from the middle of the district - it's oddly gerrymandered) That was quite a surprise. As far as I can remember, all the winter fleas so far have been either in Boston or up on the north shore.

Anyway, this means that even though I'll be busy during both days of the flea, I'd like to be there. As regyt put it for Arisia, I could "operate in parallel" to the Flea. If any of you are going and would like to have me stay at your hotel room, send me email! Also, I'm up for evening/night parties - campaign work will be mostly noon 'til mid-evening, I think. I do need to minimize spending, though.

[Edit: I have a place to stay, and will see some of you on Saturday night]

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