Cos (cos) wrote,

seeking work

This week I got my last paycheck from the Jesse Gordon campaign, and now it's time to find the next thing to work on. I've been ambivalent for a while about what sort of work I want to do - back to geekdom? More campaigns? Try music? I have a hard enough time trying to figure out what to put on a resume and how to organize it, without imagining five or six completely different resumes!

So I'm casting about for pointers to interesting work or projects. Do you know of anything?

Here's what I can (and like to) do:
  • politics and grassroots organizing
    Field organizing & get out the vote; volunteer coordination; campaign message; online outreach, blogs, and campaign web sites, civicspace; voter database & tech stuff for field campaigns; organizing meetings, training local organizers and meeting hosts, connecting groups; lots of ties to the Massachusetts progressive movement; coordinated a ballot petition drive in 30+ cities/towns; coordinated meetups for Dean throughout the state (took us from 14 to 50 in six months)
  • geekery
    Unix admin, experience with servers & networks, Internet protocols, email, web, etc; perl; databases (I took a grad course in database theory, even :); Apache + mod_perl + DBI/DBD + Informix/mySQL/Oracle web app development; ... but no Microsoft admin - I can stand to use a Windows box, if I get to pick my own clients for things like email, but I don't want to administer Windows, IIS, MSSQL, etc.
  • music, sound, and radio
    I've been a community radio station program director and general manager, DJ'ed thousands of hours, including talk, music, and news shows; audio tech (I can explain the difference between balanced & unbalanced lines! :) - I've run sound at clubs (Passim, the Middle East, Fire & Water, others), done over a thousand high quality studio-ish recordings; booking & promotion - I booked a venue for over a decade, booked serveral artists, solo & band, done artist web sites and email lists
  • teaching/training
    I did the K-6 education certification program at Brandeis, and student taught, but the public school environment is not for me. In other contexts, though... taught sailing classes at CBI; trained live music engineers at WBRS for over a decade (it takes 4-8 months to train a new engineer); designed a DJ training & testing program at WBRS that remained in use for many years after; trained new precinct captains and poll watchers for a political campaign
So what am I looking for? Maybe setting up and maintaining databases for a few progressive campaigns and doing some remote perl contracts? Booking a band on tour and working for a campaign when they're off tour? I can't pick one ideal scenario. Do you know anyone who needs any of the above skills and will pay for them?

[ Edit: I should mention, though most of you know - I don't want to move away from Boston, but love to travel around the US. Also, do you know anyone who wants to buy some Treo accessories? ]
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