Cos (cos) wrote,


Everyone I've dragged to The Comedy Studio in Harvard Square over the years knows how weird things tend to get over there. And the weirdest, or at least the most consistent source of high weird over the years, has been Eugene Mirman of the vast Lexington conspiracy.

Fellow vast Lexington conspiracy member somehedgehog has also performed at the Comedy Studio - I miss those! Several other conspiracy members are sometimes found on this LJ. But back to Eugene... he got a bit of Internet notoriety this spring when he taped some phone conversations with a telemarketer for a "Christian" long distance company. ABC News featured him in a story and his recordings got linked by wonkette, AmericaBlog, and others.

I just discovered today (thanks to an email from him :) that Eugene Mirman has his own blog hosted by the Village Voice. Full of videos. Like this one: why not to send a comedian hate mail.

This is more dangerous to my productivity than online clips from The Daily Show. But a little less dangerous than kittens (fortunately, I have no kittens at home).

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