Cos (cos) wrote,

Cos Links

I made a third LJ: coslinks

I read a lot of stuff on the net, and I file away and label links so that I can find them later if I want to. It's not much more work to just post them on an LJ, so why not? If you look there now, you'll get a reasonable idea of what coslinks will be like. It'll be bursty - I'll post links as I read them or get them or think of them, so some days I'll post a bunch and other days not at all. I expect almost all posts to be one-liners or maybe two lines. No commentary, just labelled links. No userpic either, so it'll take up very little space on your friends page.

(Yeah, I know I could be using delicious, but someone already took the username "cos" there, so I won't use it.)

P.S. Boston area people: Alison Brown Quartet w/Joe Craven tomorrow. Come! And YOBIP is showing Friday at midnight. I may have extra tickets.

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