Cos (cos) wrote,

LJ meta - scrolling sideways

A note for those of you who care whether I read you or not - which I'm sure is not all of you, but probably includes at least some of you: I read LJ mostly on a 12" powerbook. That's 1024x768, and I don't even have my browser full screen wide (I leave some room for the dock, and to see another window poking through on the other side).

About once every week or two, someone on my default reading filter makes a post with...
    - A raw URL with long session IDs and ugly CGI parameters, OR
    - A scream of frustration in the form of a long string of capital letters with no spaces, OR
    - A big image, un-lj-cut, wider than about 800 pixels
... and all of these things cause my friends page to be wider than my browser, forcing me to scroll sideways to read every other entry on the page. So, I remove that person from the reading filter.

Sometimes I comment on their post, but not always. And eventually, I do usually remember to add them back. But in general, that's the best way to get off any of the reading filters I use often: Make me scroll sideways. Even if your browser (and screen) is wide enough for your post, mine often isn't. If you care, put spaces in your exclamations, use <A>nchor tags for links, use LJ-cut for big images.
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