Cos (cos) wrote,

do the lightbulb, balance and swing

On my recent visit to NYC, I went with eisa and zahl to Alchemy, a weekly goth night at CB's gallery. Contrary to what we had heard, there is actually a bit of dancing there, though the dance space is small and most people are off at the other end of the place, lounging at the bar or on couches. So, we danced.

Sitting down resting after a while, I saw eisa pull zahl into a decidedly ungothlike dance move. Then she came over and grabbed me and said something about a "contra swing", which I completely fumbled, partly due to failing a mental context switch and partly we didn't start with a balance - apparently it really does help! We did manage a nice improvised gypsy and something kind of like a hey. A bit later we were facing each other and two other people were just in the right position to be the other couple and I called a right hand star, but alas, only eisa responded and the other people probably didn't even register the nonsense.

One year at Falcon Ridge, I went out to a nearby swimming pool with a few friends, and someone started randomly calling contra calls while we were in the pool. That didn't work too well, but it was fun. I thought that was the strangest attempt at contra I'd ever try, but no.

What we need, to try this for real, is at least two couples, preferably four, who know contra, like going to goth clubs, and are nutty enough to want to try this. Then we can invade some goth night and do the silliness. Who's in?

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