June 30th, 2017


Alternatives to Simple's credit card

I'm looking for a credit card with these features:
  • Presents itself as a credit card (compatible with holds, car rentals, etc.) but acts like a debit card, drawing money from its own account. If there's no money in that account, it fails to work. No bills to pay.

  • Has a web UI, iOS app, and Android app, all three of which give access to all of the features below:

  • Easy scheduled transfers to or from any of my regular bank accounts.

  • Remotely instantly disable or re-enable the card, at my whim.

  • Clear transaction log that shows all transactions, even from a minute ago, and gives the time of each transaction, not just the date.

  • On mobile, instant notifications for every transaction.

I have a card from simple.com that does all of that, but I'm looking for other alternatives. I've called a few banks (like Capital One) and haven't found anything else that does all of these. Do you know of any?

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