September 22nd, 2014


Going to Europe at the end of the week

My family in Israel is having a family trip in a couple of weeks, a cruise from Rome stopping in several places on the coast of Italy, France, and Spain and then returning to Rome. I'm going to join them, but flying out early to go some other places first, leaving this Friday night.

A few days in Dublin with undulations, then a few days in the Netherlands with a friend from IRC. elfy will join me there, and we'll go to Berlin and stay with her friend for a few days. From there I'm going to take a train to Rome to meet up with the family. I've got 2.5 days to go from Berlin to Rome so I should probably stop somewhere on the way, but I haven't figured out where yet. Still puzzling out how to do European multi-carrier train itineraries and choose routes.

Wanna suggest a thing to do or see?

Do I know anyone in any of those places but forgot they're there because I haven't been there in years or ever?