August 29th, 2014


Don Berwick

Massachusetts' primary election is coming up soon, on Tuesday September 9th.

We've got a 3-way contest for Democratic nominee for Governor. Here's the one I like:

Don Berwick is a doctor (at Children's Hospital and MGH), a professor (at Harvard), and a knight (yes, knighted by the Queen! :), with a long background in policy and administration, especially healthcare. He was the head administrator of Medicare and Medicaid for the Federal Government for a couple of years in the Obama administration. He had to leave because Republicans in Congress wouldn't confirm him - IMO likely because of his support for single payer health care and the danger that he might be too good at making Medicare work well under Obamacare and use that to argue in favor of single payer.

Progressive Mass endorsed Berwick for Governor in a member vote in which he got more than twice as many votes as three other candidates combined*, after his answers on the Progressive Mass issues questionnaire earlier this year. Read that questionnaire for details about his views and policies on a variety of things.

* At the time of the vote, 4 candidates were running, though there are only 3 now.

I'm going to see him in Davis Square this Sunday. It's a free public event, right in the middle of Davis Square, 11am-12:30. Wanna come?