July 20th, 2014


Portland Plant Bio Conference Trip

Entry mostly for my own reference, though maybe someone else is interested too.

Friday, July 11
- Alice and her lab fly to Portland in morning for Plant Biology 2014
- I drive to Alice's & her housemates' place in CT late evening, stay there

Saturday, July 12
- Drive to Bradley airport (Hartford-ish), fly to Portland via Chicago
- wait an extra few hours in Chicago due to flight delays
- Jocasta picks me up at PDX airport and we drive to Days Inn and check in
- Carolina Chocolate Drops outdoor concert at Oregon Zoo
- Get to Portland contra dance in time for the last 3 dances. Jocasta's first contra dance!
- Back to hotel, bedtime. Did we eat dinner? Other than fries at the zoo concert?

Sunday, July 13
- We drive to convention center Marriott, pick up Alice
- Multnomah Falls with Jocasta and Alice, hike to the top
- Jocasta drives us back to Days Inn (where my stuff is), and departs to go home to Yakima
- Afternoon w/Alice! Pack up my stuff, and we take the max to convention center.
- Check me in to Quality Inn, across from Marriott, and Alice returns to conference
- Bill Evans banjo house concert in SE Portland with Martin

Monday, July 14
- Work at Portland Google office, somewhat changed (and bigger) since I last saw it
- Lunch with Alice and Eric S at downtown food carts, Alder & 9th pod
- Visit Gabby at brunch box, where she works - first in person meeting w/her!
- Dinner on my own at food carts, then meet Alice at max stop
- Powells with Alice, including cafe, rare books room, and gardening section :)
- Voodoo Doughnut with Alice, and a box of doughnuts for the next three days :)

Tuesday, July 15
- Work at Portland Google office
- Food cart lunch @ Alder & 9th pod with Alice, Kevin, Martin, Paul, Lara(Bean), Samantha
- Meet up with Darlene at max stop after work
- Dinner w/Darlene at Marrakesh in NW Portland, recommended by Samantha
- Back to hotel w/Darlene staying the night

Wednesday, July 16 - full day with Alice!
- Alice checks out of Marriott, labmates go to airport to return to CT
- Alice and Gabby meet me and Darlene at my hotel room late morning, we check out
- Berry picking expedition to Sauvie Island with Alice, Gabby, Darlene
- Collins beach on Sauvie Island with Alice, Gabby, Darlene
- Stop at B&B on the way back into town to check in / see room
- Portland Wednesday Munch at bar next to Gabby's apartment
- Darlene takes bus back to Oregon city, Gabby goes upstairs (home)
- Alice and I stop briefly at Voodoo again, then return to B&B

Thursday, July 17 - full day with Alice!
- Breakfast at B&B, followed by bird watching on their balcony
- Portland International Rose Test Garden
- Portland Japanese Garden
- Lunch at Persian House downtown
- Lan Su Chinese Garden, including calligraphy demo
- Hike at Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge in SE Portland
- Monster Palace dinner gathering! We bring lots of berries :)
Us, Megan, Martin, Chase, Terra, Dan, Shaunna, Jeff, Beth, their kids, Kevin, a few others...
- Last night at B&B

Friday, July 18 - full day with Alice!
- Breakfast and bird watching at B&B
- Long but pretty drive to east (rear) side of Mount Saint Helens National Monument
- Get maps, park permit, and lunch food, in Cougar, WA
- Meta Lake, Harmony trail (to the shores of Spirit Lake), Windy Ridge overlook
- Drive directly from Mount Saint Helens to PDX airport
- Get dinner food at airport, redeye flight to Newark

Saturday, July 19 - full day with Alice!
- Breakfast at Newark airport, brief flight to back Bradley
- Drive back to Alice's house, shower, collapse on futon and sleep 'til afternoon
- Lunch at Oriental Cafe in Willimantic
- Hike at Shelter Falls Park
- Fetch Alice's car from lab, then more Alice time at her place
- I drive home in the evening shortly before Alice bedtime