May 6th, 2014


Fire in the Sky

On a cross country road trip in 2007, one morning when I got on the road before dawn heading east on I-94 in North Dakota, I started video on my camera and held it on the dashboard pointing vaguely forward, and captured a spectacular break of day. BT's album ESCM came to mind because of the part where it says "fire in the sky", so I put that on the stereo.

[ Sorry for the wobbliness, as I wasn't paying much attention to the camera or watching its viewscreen. And for the relatively poor quality of that old camera (a hand me down from mzrowan that died that following year). ]

Music I was listening to that you can hear on this video:

predawn to dawn: Andreas Vollenweider - Trilogy
dawn to sunrise: BT - ESCM
sunrise: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon soundtrack (Yo Yo Ma)