March 9th, 2014


Test my music test

Years ago I made a "Music of the World" test on OkCupid, testing one's breadth of knowledge about music from all over the world. Recently I overhauled the test - about 1/3 ot the questions are new, most other questions have one or two new answer choices, some are reworded, and they're all rearranged into sections.

Scores don't give you fun categories yet, because I don't know how to score it. I need more people to take it!

Even people who know a lot more than I about music probably won't get 100% without using Google. I only got 94% and I made the test! But what scores mean what in the real world? The more I see scores from people I know, and whose level of music knowledge I'm familiar with, the better a sense I'll get. Wanna take the test and tell me what you got? (without Googling for answers, of course :)

Edit: Comments here have spoilers, so take the quiz before you read the comments!