October 22nd, 2013


Travel Time

Today between 3pm and 5pm, I went through security and immigration/passport control and boraded flights at two different aiports.

Incheon Airport near Seoul is efficient and conveniently laid out. My train to the airport arrived at 3:45pm on Tuesday, October 22nd. 35 minutes later, at 4:20pm, I was seated on the plane. We took off at 5:15pm.

We landed at Dallas/Fort Worth and got off the plane at 3:20pm on Tuesday, October 22nd - 25 minutes earlier than I'd arrived at Incheon by train. It took me until 4:45pm to get to my gate for the connecting flight to Boston - 25 minutes later than the time I had actually been seated on the plane at Incheon.


Shortly after takeoff from Seoul, they served dinner, around 6pm. Or maybe it was late lunch? The sun set while I was eating it, but we got another, smaller meal around 11pm. I took a nap from ~11:30 - ~1:30am and the sun rose while I was sleeping. We got a third meal, "breakfast", at 4am... and then we landed an hour later at 5:15am. Except that it was 3:15pm all of a sudden.