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Cos' Journal
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Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Time Event
Paris trip, June 10-21
Mostly for my own reference, but some friends are curious too.

- Drive to Storrs early, a few hours with Alice at her home.
- Drive to Hartford airport to find out our flight just got canceled
- Rebook for a 6:50pm departure from Newark
- Drive to Newark, arrive 4:30pm, but spend 2 hours on parking, check-in, security, and get on flight late w/no relaxation :(
- Direct flight to Paris, overnight, minus 6 hours due to time zone.

- Arrive Paris, take 1.5 hours to connect w/Joule due to exhaustion and lack of phones
- Go to Mama Shelter hotel w/Joule, check in, then visit her apartment and play with cat
- Joule goes to work, we go to post office and get prepaid SIM
- Return to hotel exhausted, and sleep all afternoon
- Joule meets us at hotel in the evening, we go out for Moroccan food at Chez Younice
- Extend stay at Mama Shelter to Friday, cancel Armstrong hotel reservation

- Get up early, go over to Joule's and have breakfast
- Go w/Joule to post office to get monthly SIM with data service
- Go to work w/Joule, meet her coworkers at BU Paris
- Leave Joule, get food at La Petite Marquise
- Wander around Champ de Mars, Eiffel Tower, riverbank
- Search futileley for metro station to go to Louvre, go to wrong place, backtrack
- Finally get to Louvre 2 hours later. Look at lots of stuff.
- Joule gets off work and joins us at Louvre, since it's open late on Wednesdays
- Spend two hours in the Islamic Art section
- Get things at Louvre bookstore/shop, then go up to Montmartre to meet Christine
- Dinner with Christine at Chez Plumeau in Montmartre, through sunset
- See Sacre Coeur and view of city at night; see oddities at Editions Baleine through their window
- Christine goes home, we go to hotel, Joule goes home

- Get up late-ish, meet Joule and have breakfast at pâtisserie/cafe
- Activate SIM and go to post office for troubleshooting.
- Joule goes to work, Alice goes to work/nap at hotel, I go to Google Paris office
- Work day at Google Paris; unexpectedly run into Jeremy from ITA/Google Cambridge
- Meet up with Joule at Ty Billig for BU students' crêpe dinner
- Alice arrives near end of dinner; go with Joule's friend Sandra to creperie next door for second crepe dinner
- Meet elfy at Gare du Nord, on her arrival from Cologne
- Go back to hotel, drop off elfy's stuff, wander around with Joule in search of food
- Joule gives up and goes home; get drinks with Alice and elfy, fail to find any open food except a McDonalds :/
- Go back to hotel w/elfy very late

- Take lots of photos and be silly at hotel, then pack up stuff and check out
- Joule meets us at hotel, leave stuff there, go to pâtisserie for breakfast and eat at hotel patio
- Transfer from Mama Shelter to Murano hotel closer to middle of Paris
- Go to Ile de la Cité w/elfy & Joule
- Make it to Crêperie des Pêcheurs just in time to eat before closing
- Notre Dame crypt / underground exhibits
- Paris Flower Market on Ile de la Cité
- Walk towards Jardin des Plantes, sit down for drinks, end up getting more crepes
- Continue walking, encounter a locks of love bridge and explore it for a while
- Jardin des Plantes until it closes for the evening
- Dinner at Tavene du Nil on Ile Sainte-Louis
- Walk back across the islands, seeing strange sights at night
- Visit Eiffel tower at night; Joule goes home, elfy+Alice+I stay for midnight sparkly lights
- Back to hotel very late w/elfy

- Notre Dame towers with elfy
- Breakfast at pâtisserie, plus supply of macarons!
- Go to Joule's place, meet housemates and neighbor, play with cat
- Lunch at Café aux Ours with elfy and Joule
- elfy catches bus from aux Ours to Gare du Nord to return to Cologne
- Buy socks, go to neighborhood market where Joule's housemate is vending, buy various cool things
- Nap with Alice at Joule's appartment
- Christine's gig, Mary Zoo + Axemunkee @ Joie du Peuple
- Joule takes us to gathering of her friends at a bar/cafe for a friend's birthday
- Tunisian sandwiches for dinner
- Back to hotel with Alice very late

- Sleep in! Joule meets us at hotel around noon.
- Back to Crêperie des Pêcheurs for excellent crepes
- Sainte Chapelle, and the Conciergerie (royal and revolutionary guard station and prison)
- Paris Bird market!
- Maison Georges Larnicol with Joule - chocolates and macarons
- Dinner at Le Comptoir du Relais Saint Germain with Joule
- Visit Christine's apartment, get key
- Back to hotel with Alice, not very late

- Sleep in again!
- Excellent breakfast cafe near hotel, Brasserie au Grand Turenne
- Check out, take cab to Christine's with our bags
- Hang out with Christine's cats for a while
- Attempt to go to sewer museum, but sewers are closed due to flooding from overnight storms
- Walk around, get groceries, buy stamps at post office
- Invalides museum. Joule meets us there after she gets off work.
- Joule leaves us near La Hune bookstore, to go to work dinner
- Notice Church of Saint Germain des Prés, visit it, then La Hune bookstore
- Back to Christine's, wait for her to get home from work
- Take Christine out to dinner at Chez Michel
- Hang out with cats some more and Internet stuff before bed

- Wake up super-early and meet Joule at Gare du Nord
- Train to Verneuil-L'Étang, bus to Parc des Félins
- Half day in the kitty park!
- Bus back to train station, lunch at La Niflette
- Train to Paris, Joule goes to work
- Second visit to sewer museum with Alice, this time they're open
- Alice feels unwell, back to Christine's for a long nap (Alice) and change flights (cos)
- Christine returns from work, go with her to meet Joule for dinner
- Dinner at Auberge des Pyrénées
- Last visit to Joule's apartment, gather stuff we'd left there
- Sleep at Christine's

- Up early, to Gare du Nord with Christine, say goodbye
- Train to airport, flight to Philly, flight to Newark
- Baggage still in Philly, expected on next flight in 3.5 hours
- Drive to New Brunswick, dinner with Phil at Stuff Yer Face
- Back to Newark airport, get luggage, search for motel with vacancy

- Morning at motel, then drive to Alice's parents in Montville
- Breakfast/lunch at Alice's parents' house
- Afternoon excursion to their vegetable garden plot, Alice gets plants to take home
- Drive back to Storrs
- Dinner gathering with Alice's local people
- Early to bed

- Up early, Alice to lab, I drive home to Cambridge

["with Alice" implied everywhere it's not stated, except part of the first Thursday]

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